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Simplest Example

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About Tony Sebion

  • I’m a Director @ Omni Resources in Madison.  I work with our customers, sales team, and technical staff to figure out what kind of engagements would be worth spending time and money on to bring value to their business.  It’s fun!
  • Prior to my role as a Director, I worked professionally in tech since 1993, at first with infrastructure equipment and technologies, later development (Microsoft .NET and also open source languages), and then for the last 14 years or so focusing on implementations of Microsoft SQL Server.  It’s a big platform, so my specialties are in helping developers write better code with applications that use SQL Server, performance in general, high-availability, disaster recovery, and setup/config.
  • I don’t only work with Microsoft software and am open to other platforms and technologies when they’re appropriate.  That being said, I’ve made an extensive investment in this relationship and am passionate about helping people implement the platform and achieving success with it.
  • I’m the president of MADPASS, the Madison, WI chapter of PASS and am enthusiastic about the potential of users groups in general.
  • In my free time, I try to hit up as many concerts and festivals as possible.  I’m a huge indie music fan, but am also very interested in large social gatherings that aren’t really about music at all.

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