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Coordinating Calendars

Coordinating calendars with people to find a time to meet can be difficult when they’re outside your company’s calendaring system. Or maybe you don’t have a corporate calendaring solution?

There are two tools I frequently use when I’m arranging meetings with people.

  • agreeAdate is a web service that allows a user to pick several possible times for a meeting and then send out a URL to people that allows them to mark the meeting times that work best for them.  There is a charge if you want over 20 people to be able to respond, but that limit hasn’t been a problem for me.  A paid account also removes the ads from the site.
  • Doodle is a service that shows the free/busy time from a person’s calendar and allows an internet user (anyone) to see when a Doodle user might be available for an appointment.  For me, this got a lot more useful when I was able to create some PowerShell scripts that combined all my calendar appointments into a single file, and then I sync that file with Doodle.  Now, when you view, you see appointments that are on any of my calendars and not just one.  I’ll publish my scripts I use for this in a separate blog post coming up soon.

Are there any tools that you find useful to pick a meeting time or publish your availability?  Or what makes these tasks more complicated for you where these tools won’t work?

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